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Afropunk 2013 Day 1 (282 Photos)

afropunk 2013

Yesterday was the first day of #Afropunk at Commodore Barry Park in Brooklyn and it was cool but it was missing two of it’s main ingredients, Skateboarding and BMX! Yes they used the entire park for the event, they had rock climbing, a motorcycle bike show, 2 stages of rock and rap acts(Jada Pinkett performed and was dope), dope vendors(although it seemed like their were less), food trucks galore and eye candy everywhere but where was the Skateboards and BMXer? It felt like there was a big void and empty space where the skate/BMX setup use to be and I wasn’t the only one who noticed. What made it even worse was they actually had signs for BMX and skate posted on their information guides lol. Well from what I heard, Nike was sponsoring that part of the show but pulled out and did Rob Drydek’s Street League in NJ Instead.. Ok So why not holla at the BMX and skate kats that helped them get to the huge event that they are there in the first place? Anyways there’s a rumor that their gonna have BMX and Skate today, I’ll be going back to find out.

I still had a good time and really focused on getting my interviews and pictures in with the vendors yesterday, I have a few other pictures from the event too. I tried to get some good shots of Jada’s performance but I couldn’t get close enough. Today I’ll be focusing more on taking pictures of the people at the event. Stay tuned for that!

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