burro bags Sean Martin

So Bag Companies Are Sponsoring Cyclist? Burro Bags Is (@burrobags)

I came across this promo video for bag company Burro Bags featuring fixed gear cyclist Sean Martin (@TakeoverLA) and thought to my self “Since when Are Bag companies sponsoring riders? And doing video promo edits?” Of course you know I think it’s awesome and it also proves my point as being a BMXer that the BMX community needs to step outside the BMX box and look at different ways of getting sponsorship’s. I believe there are a lot of sponsorship opportunities out there for BMX racers in particular.
On another note, as much as I love to watch big air and sick tricks in a bike video I also enjoy watching riders just riding!
Shout out to Burro Bags “American handmade messenger bags, backpacks, pedal straps, hand-printed apparel, accessories, & more” I checked out the Burro Bags website, they make some dope stuff!
burro bags Sean Martin

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