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Moka Only (@MOKA_ONLY) -Doctor Do Much- Mixtape, Download ASAP, Real HipHop

moka only doctor do much 2

Yo I don’t even need to listen to Canadian emcee Moka Only new “Doctor Do Much” mixtape to know it’s already dope. If you know your HipHop the way you should you would already know who Moka Only is and the fact that he reps real HipHop all day! He’s definitely one of my favorite HipHop artist, dude always drops treats for real HipHop heads especially those who love that golden era HipHop. As I’m typing this post I’m listening to “Doctor Do Much” and like I said It’s already dope and I’m only up to track 3 (Together) which sounds like it could easily be a new Tribe called Quest song. Oh and did I mention that this is a mixtape meaning it’s a FREE DOWNLOAD! I’ll be downloading this as soon as I finish typing this post lol. The beats on this joint are bananas!

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