slp wheel talk slow mo

Wheel Talk (@WheelTalkFixed) Slow Motion Fixed Gear Freestyle Action

Cool slow motion fixed Gear Freestyle action produced by SPL for Wheel Talk featuring Matt Reyes. These FGFS Videos are getting better and better, those guys are sick! Below is the official description of the video:

We had the pleasure of linking up with Matt Reyes and the WheelTalkFixed crew recently in San Francisco. Over the course of 2 days they took us to some of their favorite spots to ride. These guys are some of the most talented riders in this young sport and are considered to be pioneers. This was shot in slow motion on the Sony FS700 and RED Epic, with the stunning Cine-Xenar III lenses provided by our good friends at Schneider Optics. We also want to thank our friends at Solid Camera for outfitting the FS700 for the shoot, the build quality and design of their products is unparalleled.
Matt Reyes
Anthony Combs
Devon Lawson
Mike Schmitt

slp wheel talk slow mo

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