Masta ace, dj dister, ain't no thing

DJ Dister (@DJ_DISTER) feat. Masta Ace – Ain`t No Thing – #HipHop

HipHop Legend Masta Ace is putting in a lotta work lately! This joint called “Ain’t No Thing” is off a new album b DJ Dister called “Roll Wit Dis”. That fly beat is produced by DJ Dister and you already know if Masta Ace is on it, it’s gotta be a banger…..and it is! The cuts were nicely done by DJ Ill-O and the video is directed by Andy Martinez. This is HipHop!!

Masta ace, dj dister, ain't no thing

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verbal skillz, masta ace, mankind

Verbal Skillz (@verbal_emcee) – MANKIND – ft Masta Ace Is A HipHop Banger!

grover 1

“Grovin” A 90’s #HipHop Instrumental by Sugar Cayne