crazy al cayne, stahhr spittin in da wip
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Stahhr (@staHHr) Enters The #SpittinInDaWip Top 50 MC’s Chart At #3

crazy al cayne, stahhr spittin in da wip
top sidw 11.24.13
Atlanta emcee Stahhr has been getting crazy votes on her Spittin In Da Wip episode since it’s been posted and as of today she’s on the SIDW charts at #3!! Earlier in the week she was actually in the #2 spot just under HipHop Legend Masta Ace, that’s wassup!! Congratulations to Stahhr for entering the chart!
Since our last top emcees post things moved around a little with since Stahhr entered the list. Masta Ace is still dominating the chart at #1, Derek Strong is back at #2, Stahhr is at #3 bumping Starvin B from that spot down to #4 and Soul Khan remains at #5! Dr Rum was on our list at #4 last time but he’s moved down to #6.
Stay tuned for more updates!
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