Villebillies (@villebillies) – Love is Kind of Crazy – #HipHop

I got sent this fun song by Kentucky HipHop group Villebillies called “Love Is Kind Of Crazy”. This joint reminds me of some of the Jazz HipHop joints from back in the day, I’m diggin it. If ya’ll haven’t been paying attention Kentucky has a dope underground HipHop Scene coming up and that’s wassup!
Below is the official description of “Love IS Kind Of Crazy”

Villebillies launch the captivating “Love Is Kind Of Crazy” video featuring an eerie sample from the late great Dusty Springfield’s “Spooky.” Hailing from the Louisville, KY underground scene, Villebillies feature three main vocalists with a well choreographed vocal style that mixes rap verses with infectious, melodic hooks and intricate soulful harmonies. The “Love Is Kind Of Crazy” video is available worldwide on VEVO today, October 31, via RED Associated Labels/Sony Music Entertainment. Get Spooky!

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