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Centri (@Centri ) – BALDO BANTON THEME SONG – #HipHop Animation

I received an email with an update to that dope “Baldo Banton” cartoon that I posted an article on earlier this year! Baldo Banton has a new official theme song and it’s boom bap, HipHop dopeness!! An emcee by the name of Centri spit some fire bars over a banging neck cracking beat crafted by DigDug. Baldo Banton was created by the talented GOODIDEAstyle and this series is looking like it’s gonna be so dope! I can’t wait to see the first official episode! Stay tuned!
baldo banton

Below is the offical description of “Baldo Banton”

GOODIDEA linked up with the Rapper Centri to create the theme song and animation video for the youtube Gangster Jamaican Cartoon Series titled “Baldo Banton”. It takes place in Kingston Jamaica during the 70’s where Baldo Banton is facing adversity and hardship while building his reputation. Goodidea is very much into the Jamaican culture and wanted to use their artistic talents and their love for hip hop to bring about something truly unique. With one of the first of its kind, this Gangster Jamaican cartoon is guaranteed to take your imagination on trip to see the world through the eyes of a true Rude Boy. Thanks for your support!

Video: By GOODIDEAstyle
Lyrics: By Centri
Production: By Dig Dug
Intro: By 360 Degree

Below is the whole Baldo Banton Theme Song:

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