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Answer-Rennen And Shawn Diprete At Cranx

George Costa brought some of the AnswerRennen crew with him to Cranx Bike Park and I had to get the update from him about all the changes for Answer-Rennen in 2014. As you guys probably noticed in Reno this weekend Shawn Diprete defected from Answer-Rennen and is now riding for Black Crown ;). Our homie Pat Parker AKA “The Bike Dealer” is back on the Rennen team after a being on Black Crown in 2013…was Pat traded for Shawn?? You also probably heard that super fast Dave Maltezos got picked up by Answer-Rennen for 2014, I kicked it with him while he was taking apart his new Ssquared CEO and you know Dave Bedford was in the building watching all the comedy go down in this interview lol! It’s always a good time when the Answer-Rennen guys are around…..oh yeah and Shawn Diprete too 😉




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