thermal awards behind the scenes
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Behind The Scenes Look At The 2013 Thermal Awards

For the 1st in the history of the Thermal Awards, C.Truth (@thermalsoundwav) and Kev Lawrence (@kev_lawrence) of Thermal Soundwaves Radio give the audience a visual behind the scenes feel of how the awards are done. The awards are constructed on talent, skill, originality, quality, humor, the truth, thought provocation, and from time to time drunkenness or lack of sleep. For the most part, it is to recognize some people or artist who should be. The awards are not based on record sales, soundscan, billboard, payola, popularity etc. A strong opinion is always encouraged. Special thanks to: Crazy Al Cayne (@crazyalcayne), Priest Forever (@priestforever), and Mr Metasen (@mrmetasen) for lending their talents.

For the full list of all the Thermal Awards given since day 1 click here:

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thermal awards behind the scenes

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