Crazy Al Cayne, Alan Hudson (1)
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BMX Racing Can Get You In College. Alan Hudson Interview

I got to kick it with A-Pro Alan Hudson at the Bluegrass Nationals and I wanted to do a bike check of his Doublecross. Then we got into a discussion about the BMX Collegiate program at his school, Mars Hill in North Carloina So wanted him to talk about during his bike check. BMX racing is part of the Cycling collegiate program in a few colleges in the US but it’s still a pretty well kept secret. It’s definitely not well known that you can go to college on a BMX scholarship but I plan on getting the word out more this year 4sho!
Find out more about the BMX program at Mars Hill College HERE
USA Cycling has a list of the colleges that have cycling program on I’m not sure if all of them include BMX but I do know Lindsey Wilson and Marian are very active with BMX.
I also did an interview with Dominique Daniels about the collegiate BMX program a few years ago.Stay tuned for more info on this!

Crazy Al Cayne, Alan Hudson (1)

Crazy Al Cayne, Alan Hudson (2)

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