continental trails, brazil

BMX: Parque Continental – Sào Paulo, Brasil – Nice Trail Edit

As you may already know our friend Dan Clifford made the big move to Brazil recently and he’s already finding all the dope spots to ride at! He just posted this edit at some really rad trails called the Continental trails, this spot looks so dope! Maybe one of these day I can take a trip to Brazil to hang with my homie at this spot! Stay tuned for more BMXing in Brazil via my dude Dan “De-stroy” Clifford!
continental trails, brazil
Below is the official description of the edit:

A day in the life of Continental trails, located just outside of the Sào Paulo city limits. This spot has been ran by the locals for over 10 years and the vibe and community spirit that goes on there is just perfect. Good vibes all the time. BBQ’s, music, camaraderie, banter (albeit, mostly not understood by me yet!) cold and frostys and heavy shreds!
Love these guys, and love this place!

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