Jack Frost 2014 (106)
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BMX: Jack Frost 3.22.14 (709 Photos)

The official start to the 2014 BMX racing season started at the annual Jack frost race at Egg Harbor Township BMX(EHT) in New Jersey and the turn out was great! The track rode amazing and I love the new 3rd and 4th straight, The weather was great at 67 degrees, it got a little cloudy but no rain and the Sun was out for the majority of the day. And best of all the races started on time with No Repost!!

Jack Frost 2014 (106)

In the gallery below I have 709 photos of some racing action, behind the scenes fun and of course “Look Aways”.It was my first time since the Kingston Nationals last year that I filmed and raced on the same day and that was fun. It was good to see the BMX family again and kick it with everybody, it’s gonna be a fun year! And remember to come to the Sugar Cayne Bikes Fest April 26th-27th at EHT for a fun day BMX racing and competitions!

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