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Justice for the MURDERS of Tupac and Biggie, The True Story

Lloyd Tata Lake (@Lloyd_TataLake) recently created a Kickstarter for a new documentary which is suppose to tell the true story behind the murders of Tupac And Biggie.

This film is about 2 unique artists that changed history and helped create the Hip Hop community as we know it today. They let the Music Industry and the World open their eyes to a special expression and understanding through their words and poetry. We are all richer in our souls for knowing them through their music. The Hip Hop community owes it to these giants and their families to make this documentary movie and expose the truth so they may rest in peace. What we will learn as well is that this film is more than just about the Murder of 2 Hip Hop Icons. Its about the Government’s involvement in the “Hip Hop” music industry.This documentary will answer the following questions. What does the Government know about Tupac and Biggie murders? Why are there no prosecutions of the individuals involved in the Tupac and Biggie murders? Are there informants involved within the Government’s investigation of the “Hip Hop” music industry? Is the Government disclosing the informants involvement in the prosecution of “Hip Hop” artist? Why are individuals with significant criminal convictions (strikes) still committing crimes and never prosecuted?~Lloyd Tata Lake


This is gonna be a must watch documentary! Keep up to date with this project via Lloyd’s Kickstarter page

And incase you think that what is in the video and quote above is far fetched. Take some time out and watch the video below.

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