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Education Outdoors Sponsors Sugar Cayne Bike Fest Stop#1

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We’re really excited to announce Education Outdoors is another great brand that’s sponsoring the Sugar Cayne Bike Fest! They sent us some of their goodies to be won at stop #1 at Egg Harbor Township BMX Track, New Jersey, It all goes down on April 26th And 27th, we have competitions BMX, MTB, Fat Bikes, Striders and Cyclocross  CLICK HERE For more info!
education outdoors game

Education Outdoors Mission Statement:

With the average child watching over 20 hours a week of television, and with statistics showing violent images shown on t.v. reaching over 8,000 per child, Education Outdoors Inc. has been embraced by families that long for a refreshing change in the types of products available to their children. In a very short time, CAMP has received excellent support locally in Michigan, as well as nationally by selling over 1000 games in its first month. “It is our mission to bring families together to interact and learn about the outdoors.”

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