The Schwinn Biking Game

The Schwinn Biking Game, A Board Game For Cyclist

For my first interview at Toy Fair NY I got Tim Paczesny owner of Education Outdoors to tell me about his awesome new board game for cyclist called The Schwinn Biking Game. It’s a great game based off of Education Outdoors popular board game “Camp”. The Schwinn Biking game is……

Themed around the legacy of biking with one of the more iconic biking companies on the planet, Schwinn, the Biking Game promotes an active lifestyle while educating and inspiring a future generation of bikers.
The Biking Game was created to inspire families and bike enthusiasts to get outside and enjoy one of America’s greatest recreational activities together. The game is designed to grow with the player, starting at level one questions, which are primarily identification of basic bike parts and riding etiquette. As the players increase in their knowledge about biking culture they grow into the higher level questions. A fun & educational game where parents & children can race to see who can get their bike through multiple terrain and back home first. All while sharing favorite biking memories and creating new ones

The game covers all aspects of cycling and that includes BMX, this is a great game for the whole family 4sho!

The Schwinn Biking Game

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