interceptor genisis

Unstoppable Comics (@unstoppablecom), Interceptor: Genesis

interceptor genisis
I saw this amazing illustration of a comic book superhero named Interceptor on JayDee Rosario‎’s Facebook Page and had to share it with ya’ll! The illustration was used as a promotional image for the Kickstarter campaign for the “Interceptor: Genesis” comic book. You can find out all about it HERE

The character Interceptor first appeared in Stormchasers #5, and while his look had grabbed people’s interest, they immediately drew comparisons to another shield slinging comic book avenger. It was not until Unstoppable Origins #1, did they learn that his shield was tied to the sword Excalibur and Arthurian legend. This layer of dimension to Interceptor added a mystical quality not seen in his weapon bearing counterpart, and instantly tied him to legends and lore that will begin to be explained in this 2 part series.

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