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Sugar Cayne Bike Fest High Jump Competition Stop ,1 Day 1 EHT

One of the highlights of the Sugar Cayne Bikes Fest is the High Jump Competition and we had a great time watching the high jump action go down on day #1 at Egg Harbor Township BMX Track! Our High jump competition is different than most because we utilize a jump on the track for riders to boost off of. We like to have them work to get to it and the last doubles on the 2nd straight at EHT was the perfect one for the occasion. These doubles weren’t really designed for launching riders super high in the air that also makes the competition more challenging….and we like that ;). We had 5 riders up for the battle Alan Hersey, Brad Hersey Brandon Dunlevy, Rob Bandoy Jr and the OG of the group Keith Newell. Yes We had a nice age gap between the riders…my boy Keith is old enough to be all the other riders father lol! We started the competition with the Bulldog Bikes high bar set really low but as the bar went higher Alan and Brad got eliminated. Then the Keith, Brandon and Rob battled it out but as the bar moved up after each try Rob Bandoy Jr got eliminated. OG Keith Newell was teaching the youngin’s a lesson on getting height but Brandon gave him a run for his money but eventually Brandon hit the pole and got eliminated. We all thought it was over but Brandon wanted to try getting over the height bar again so they let him go again and this time he made it over. At this point the announcers decided to put Brandon back in and have him and Keith battle it out for SCBF High jump supremacy! The bar got raise higher and both riders had the crowd going crazy as they both made it over the next height but Brandon wound up beating out Keith in the end to claim victory. It was a fun battle to watch and it was awesome to see my boy Keith boosting with the young guns.
Our next stop in the Sugar Cayne Bike Fest Tour is at Shoreham BMX Track in Egg Harbor on June 21st! Be There!
1st: Brandon Dunlevy (Hyper/BodyArmor)
2nd: Keith Newell
3rd: Rob Bandoy Jr (standard North East Army)
4th: Alan Hersey
5th: Brad Hersey

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