tribe nyc

Tribe NYC Plays Crazy Al Cayne’s HipHop Trivia

I’ve been meaning to get this episode up of my interview with Tribe NYC for a while now. It’s an interview I did with them at Afropunk last year where I got them playing my HipHop trivia game and I also got them to do the Kid N Play dance lol. You know I had to see if they had any knowledge on golden era HipHop since they were dress in that era’s fashion and they did pretty good. It’s been a while since I did one and this one is classic.
tribe nyc
A little background on Tribe NYC:

TRIBE NYC is group of talented young individuals from diverse backgrounds who embrace the history of black culture and true art through their fashion sense and personality. Embracing the late 80’s early 90’s, vintage, and urban styles. Each individual has a specific area of expertise such as modeling, dancing, poetry,rapping, singing, acting, graphic design, business, merchandising, designers, stylists etc. This is not a group created to fool anyone this is genuinely who we are and words uttered by others to harm us are ineffective because we are not afraid to be individuals. Peace & Light.

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