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BMX: Peanuts Line At Panamoka Trails (95 Photos)

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Of all the years I’ve been riding trails I’ve never been to the Panamoka trails..until last weekend. I went with Kevin Farrell and Matt Mihlbachler to the spot. Panamoka trails is a huge space with endless jumps and lines. A lot of it wasn’t ready for riding yet, it’s a huge task to maintain the 100 plus jumps with just a few guys digging. One of the lines that was running nice was the first half of the “Peanuts” line. Peanuts is a great line to take if your a beginner or if your not ready to hit the big stuff and it’s a super fun line besides all that. It also has two of the best berms I’ve ever ridden. I only took a few shots of the spot because I was having too much fun just riding lol. Long Island trail legend Scott Faulkner was at the trails riding with us and telling us all about the trails and some of the new lines he’s working on, he’s got some dope stuff in the works! There was also another cool local there digging and riding, I think his name was Justin, Scott was calling him Buffy so we’ll go with that lol! I had a great time at the spot, great jumps and cool vibes, I definitely have to go back there this summer! Big shout out to Matt for taking some of the photos as well!

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