c.truth party

C.Truth, NDL & CarmenB Talk Illumniati, Being Hollywood and BMX

Before the festivities got started at the Radio Boys birthday party recently, me C.Truth, Napoleon Da Legend, Carmen B, D-Roc and Crazy Dj Bazzarro were hanging out outside so I decided to get some footage and interview C.Truth about the party. During the interview a lot of interesting things we being brought up like C.Truth and Napoleon D Legends affiliation with secret societies, Napoleon’s hollywood attitude towards his TeamEverythang crew, How C.Truth has never been interviewed on Beatminerz Radio, why Napoleon Da Legend is ducking my BMX Challenge series and how he’s changed since getting down with Dysfunkshunal Fam. C.Truth also interview radio personality CarmenB. Peep the video to see all the drama LOL!

c.truth party

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