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Radical Rick The Exhibit July 4th

Radical Rick Poster
As a person who loves to go to and cover comic cons and being a BMXer I’ve always wished one day that I would see Damian Fulton with a booth displaying his legendary Radical Rick comic strips and illustrations. Well that wish is kinda coming true because Damian is having his Radical Rick artwork shown in Hollywood on July 4th. He’ll even be selling his original Radical Rick artwork which I think is crazy (I hope they’re original copies and not the actual originals). There will also be an online auction of classic Radical Rick artwork starting June 27th!

The Radical Rick comic strip was featured in the back of BMX Plus magazine in the 80’s an early 90’s. It was and still is the best BMX comic strip ever! I use to read this comic religiously every time a new issue of BMX Plus came out. I actually did a few interviews at the last New York Comic Con and asked a few people if they knew who Radical Rick was. A few people knew but a lot didn’t. I think it would be awesome to let the comic book world in our little historical comic secret. 🙂

In Celebration of Radical Rick’s 35th anniversary, “RAD!” brings to La Luz de Jesus gallery in Hollywood, CA the largest collection of original Radical Rick artwork ever assembled. Here’s a chance to own a piece of BMX history!

Unfortunately I won’t be able to make it to Hollywood on July 4 for the exhibit. I still wish Damian would do an appearance at the New York Comic Con or a comic con on the east coast, that would be awesome!
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