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Georgia Anne Muldrow – Pop Iconz – (Anaconda Killer)

In light of Nicki Manaj’s recent Single/video “Anaconda”, one of my favorite artist in the game Georgia Anne Muldrow dropped some much need real outspoken HipHop with her latest single “Pop Iconz”. It’s a response song to artist like Nicki who allow themselves to be pimped by the game and send the wrong messages to kids and (impressionable) adults. Everything GAM spits in this is real talk….THIS IS HIPHOP!!
georgia ann muldrow pop

“The powers that see who we are, work long hours
to ensure that we don’t be who we are.”

About Pop Iconz
When Georgia Anne Muldrow surveys the musical landscape, she’s left wanting more. It’s not easy for us to watch the likes of Nicki Minaj dress up like a kaleidoscopic crack dealer and promote a dead end lifestyle.

“rap about the trap ‘stead of kneeeling to god
rap about their back ‘stead of freedom through art
rap about their cheese in a wig from a doll…
your lips are being used black swann, like a pawn”

Produced by Chris Keys, Georgia Anne Muldrow blesses us with her views on the politrix being parlayed into a hateful power structure that is affecting the community. Please don’t get it twisted, she’s not interested in your riches, she’s trying to tell you the children – they are listening.

Georgia Anne Muldrow Says:
“We as parents have to walk a very fine line between being watchful and overprotective of what our kids are exposed to…and that job is being made even more difficult by the hyper-sexual, consumerist and vain aesthetic packed with visual associations that are intentionally targeting the pre-teen generation. I’m placing the blame on the corporate agenda that abuses the minds and souls of talented or even aspiring artists.

To represent an awareness that is willfully avoidant of self-realization is the bottom line for these influencers of consciousness; if someone’s life goals are completely external his/her mind can easily be subdued and controlled.

Art means too much to me, i ain’t having it.”

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