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Grunckles Gulch Album Is Real HipHop

grunckles gulch

I’m diggin this “Grunckles Gulch” album! It’s full of dope, neck cracking, boom bap beats and dope bars. I’m really liking the production on this joint especially track #7 “Bread Break”, the vocal sample in that joint is dope and I like the drums they used in it. THIS IS HIPHOP!

Trapped inside this 9 song EP are sounds of storytelling, happiness, abuse, death, and growing old. All pulled together to paint a picture with rhythms made of sounds and writings. Giving you a heart shaped piece of Runt and Gunky, to you the listener. The adventure of “Grunckles” is a ride for the ages.Enjoy the free download!

Grunckles Gulch is part of a 4 part series brought to you by The Dy-ad series (meaning 2, a pair) showcases a rapper and producer combo. Runt And Gunky Knuckles set the Bar with their Project “Grunckles Gulch”.

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