redline flight cranks

New Redline Flight Cranks (@redlinebicycles)

redline flight cranks
Flight Cranks got a super upgrade recently and they look and perform awesome! In this incarnation of the Flight, Redline stiffened the arms up with a Hollow Forged, Large Cross-Section 6066 Alloy. The cranks also come with a Forged 7050 Alloy 4-Arm Spider, now I haven’t used a spider since the 80’s but sooner or later I’m gonna need to see what the spider craze is all about 😉 What’s really dope about these cranks is the 24mm Hollow Chromoly Spindle! That size spindle should make the cranks feel butter smooth! The Flights come in 170mm, 175mm, 177.5mm, 180mm and weigh 34.7 oz. I like the promo video Redline did for the cranks, Pretty dope!

The legendary classic Redline

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  1. These cranks are as good as Shimano DXR. Haven’t seen them for sale by themself, but I’m sure Redline would offer.

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