k.sparks trendy

K.Sparks – Trendy – (@ksparkstv)

k.sparks trendy

Spittin In Da Wip alumni K.Sparks does a dope outspoken song about people in this country only start doing something for a real cause when it’s “trendy”. He also touches on how a lot people stop standing up for justice or a good cause when the “trend” fades. K.Sparks also goes in about how rappers will be quick to make a reply song to latest Kanye single but can’t event make a song about what’s going on in Ferguson and the other injustices that’s been happening lately. We need more emcee’s like K.Sparks to bring the real to the people and open their eyes to what’s going on and make then think. IT’s time these artist step it up and make a stand. Salute K.Sparks for this joint! The fire beats that were crafted for this joint was done by Kurser. THIS IS HIPHOP!

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