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Cymarshall Law – Planet Woman – Feat. Jordan Sokel (@cymarshalllaw)

cymarshall law

Cymarshall Law recently dropped a really great song for all the women out there called “Planet Women”. The song features vocals by Jordan Sokel and the track is produced by Mr. Joeker. I’m loving it, This IS HipHop!!

So I made this song because… well I made it for my daughter, but as I was writing it realized I made it for my sister, and as I kept writing realized I made it for all Women. A lot of times women are seen in a bad light in the media, whether music or television I see a lot of negative female images, nothing that I would like my daughter to see and possibly be influenced by. I see strong women everyday bussing their asses to fight for an equal place in todays world. This is my song to say I see you all, I acknowledge you strong, intelligent women… so I made this for you… because I don’t think that you are told enough. I hope you like it. Listen, Download, Share and Enjoy – ” Planet Woman ” by Cymarshall Law – feat. Jordan Sokel produced by Mr. Joeker from my upcoming album CYOGRAPHY.~ Cymarshall Law

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