2015 Hutch Trick Star Street-Park Frame And Fork

hutch trick star street chrome
Yo Hutch BMX is dropping bombs to the masses with their releases! Their latest frame and forks that will be available in January is the new Trick Star Street/Park bike. This bike is basically an longer version of the regular Trick Star but without the frame stands. They did keep the classic tube that goes between the head tube, down tube and top tube to let you know this is a Track Star. The Futuristic Silver colorway is sick and really sets this bike apart from the rest.. I really hope they bring back that Charcoal grey.
hutch trick star street grey 1

2015 Trick Star street/park version will be available for purchase factory-direct on the web site the first week of January. The 2015 Trick Star street/park is the sister frame to the flatland version, and comes without the standing platform. The forks do not have brake mounts, and are made from a slightly thicker 4130 chromoly tubing to increase the strength and durability for this riding style. The 2 available colors are chrome-plated and Futuristic Silver, and the street/park Trick Star also gets a unique sticker design to set itself apart. Be sure to look through all the photos. Top tube sizes are 21″ for chrome-plated and Futuristic Silver, and 22″ for chrome-plated. Both Trick Star versions share the following specs: 13.875″ chain stay, 75 degree head tube, mid BB, 14mm frame drop outs, 3/8″ fork drop outs, 25.4mm seat post, removable cable guides (included), removable gyro tabs (included), and removable brake posts on frame (included). The Trick Star frame and fork combo price is $499.95 just like the race frames ~Hutch BMX

hutch trick star street grey 2

hutch trick star street grey 3

hutch trick star street grey 4

hutch trick star street grey 5

hutch trick star street grey 6

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