Dexter Vines

Marvel Comics Inker, Dexter Vines At 2014 New York Comic Con

I got a quick interview with artist/inker Dexter Vines at the New York Comic Con. He had a booth setup in artist alley with a bunch of really nice pieces on display. I checked out some of his work in the interview and he told me that he’ll be working on his own comic in the future.
Dexter Vines
If you don’t already know:

Dexter Vines is an American comic book artist and inker, known for his collaborations with pencilers such as Steve McNiven and Ed McGuiness, the latter of whom he is credited with as “eDex” team.
Dexter has worked on a ton of titles for both Marvel and DC. Some titles include Marvel’s big 2007 summer event Civil War, Tangent Comics Power Girl, Superman/Batman, JLA Classified (all with McGuiness), and Wolverine.
In 2012, Vines received the 2012 Inkwell Award for Favorite Small Press And Mainstream-Independent (S.P.A.M.I.) ink work over another pencil artist.

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