Jay Ignacio, Crazy Al Cayne

The Bladed Hand, Urban Action Showcase (@thebladedhand)

Jay Ignacio had a booth setup to promote his documentary The Bladed Hand at the 2nd annual Urban Action Showcase & Expo. The Bladed Hand is a Documentary On The Global Impact Of The Filipino Martial Arts. Jay produced and directed the film and he kicks it with me about the Filipino Martial Arts style. Check out the clip!

More commonly associated with “Stick Fighting”, the origins stem from the use of bladed weapons and translate into empty hand (weaponless) defense as well.
Featuring numerous interviews with Grandmasters and Masters of various styles and systems, THE BLADED HAND explores these indigenous arts of FMA from its historic roots to its current state and global impact, including its influence in military and law enforcement training,to fight choreography for Hollywood Action Films and Television.

The Bladed Hand

Jay Ignacio, Crazy Al Cayne

Jay Ignacio

Jay Ignacio

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Matthew Ziff, crazy a cayne

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