velo slip turntable

PEONFX VeloSlip For DJs (@peonfx)

velo slip
For all those DJ’s who love cycling, spinning that wax, and all that, the fine folks at PEONFX just laced ya’ll with this dope slip mat for your turntables! It’s called the Veloslip and it’s perfect, It’s one of those “why didn’t I think of that” pieces lol. The idea is so dope and it looks good too! I have some 1200’s at home that I need lace with these 4sho!!!
velo slip turntable

Spinning in Keirin race. The VeloSlip slipmat comes with a Glazed bottom surface. Throw your wax paper and plastics in the trash, the Glazed surface is putting “SLIP” back into SLIPMAT. Glazed surface
reduces friction for better precision while DJing. 12″ 3mm quality felt. Digital Sublimation process (highest print standard for slipmats).

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