Speedvagen 2015 Army HollaText (@speedvagen_pdx)

Portland Oregon based purpose-built road and cyclocross race bike builders, The Vanilla Workshop just release photos of their Speedvagen 2015 Army HollaText. This bike has such a cool and unique colorway on it that we had to share it with ya’ll. I love the colors they chose to blend together on this bike, they all work and the patterns on the frame really caught my eye. Those black rims with the gum wall tires is like the icing on the cake and really makes the bike look fresh! See more photos of this awesome bike HERE

The original HollowText is/was good, but Sacha wanted to take it one step further. For years he’s been kicking around the idea of color fading in the text and extending the graphics with extra line work. As is the case with most new ideas, we had a customer that was game to try it out. We fell in love with the result and knew that this was the right next step for the HollowText scheme. Well, we’re debuting this evolution for 2015 and giving it a new name. Please help us welcome HollaText!~The Vanilla Workshop

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Mshindo Kuumba, Urban Action Showcase (@mshindokuumba)

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Reppatwa – Never Stop – (@repsREPPATWA) #HipHop