Lionel Trains, Batman M7 Subway Set And More (@lionel_trains)

Iconic toy company Lionel Trains had an awesome booth setup at Toy Fair New York. I saw this dope subway train set that had graffiti painted all over it so you know I had to check it out. Upon closer inspection I discovered the graffiti on the 3 car set included images of Batman, Joker and Harley Quinn! The set is called the Batman M7 Subway Set and it’s part of a Lionel and DC Comics collaboration. The Gotham/Arkham themed cars look amazing and would get any toy collecting, graffiti loving, comic book collecting, toy train buff excited ! Not only does the graffiti look great but the train also comes with some really cool features like working lights, doors that open manually and sound effects.
Lionel Trains Batman set 2
I was able to interview Lionel Trains president Howard Hitchcock and not only did he tell me all about the Batman Subway Set, he also gave me tour around the Lionel Trains Booth to show me all the other great new products the company has to offer. I was really liking all the licensed box cars and of course the John Deer set. Check out the video for more details.
Lionel Trains Batman Set

Lionel Trains Batman Subway Set (1)

Lionel Trains Batman Subway Set (2)

Lionel Trains Batman Subway Set (3)

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