supercross retro bmx freestyle bike

Supercross BMX Retro Freestyle Bike (@supercrossbmx)

supercross retro bmx freestyle bike
I saw a photo of this retro inspired BMX freestyle bike posted on the Supercross BMX Facebook Page. It a sick looking bike with the classic twin top tube design that was seen on so many bikes from back in the day. I love the wild combination of colors on this bike too, I’m not sure how neon green grips, a blue stem and yellow fork go together but they do in this case. According to Supercross, the bike has all modern geometry but that’s all they’re saying about the bike.  The bike is also laced with Supercross decals all over it so the big question is, is this bike going into production? Is the world renowned BMX racing company Supercross getting into the BMX freestyle game? Your guess is as good as mine. Stay tuned for more info.  Ok so I just checked out Supercross’s website and totally didn’t know they made a line of freestyle bikes lol. The frame in the photo is actually called the “Extension”:

The Supercross Extension frame is based off of our popular Passion Freestyle frame, but has an old school throw back with it’s dual top tube design. It is a Full Seamless Cro-mo construction with a full post weld heat treat. The Headtube is a Cro-mo Campy Integrated with a CNC’d SX logo on the front. BB is a CNC’d Cro-mo MID Shell. Dropouts are Backside CNC’d Laser Cut Cro-mo. The Extension, like the Passion has all removeable brake hardware and gyro tabs. it is available in 4 size, 20.5″, 20.75″, 21″ and 21.25″ TT lengths. Colors are Chrome, White, Neon Green, Radberry and Inferno Red.



Now you know!……and me too 😉

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