Team Corrosive, CJBMX

2015 CJBMX Gold Cup (779 Photos)

Team Corrosive, CJBMX
After a long over night drive from Richmond VA I made it to the Gold Cup race at CJBMX in Howell N.J.! Before I brought my camera out I got to do a few laps on the newly designed and soiltac-ed track and it was absolutely amazing!!! The track looked and rode amazing and it was super fast and smooth, definitely a national caliber track!!

I had to leave early because I was super tired but I managed to get 700+ photos from the qualifying motos in the gallery below.

If you would like to purchase some photos without the “Proof Watermark” CLICK HERE

If your having a hard time viewing the photos on your mobile device, you’ll need to download a flash enabled web browser CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

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