3A – Ultron – Collectible Figure in Ghost & Shadow Editions

3A_Marvel_Ultron 2
3A is always busy making incredible licensed figures and this time they crafted two amazing editions of Marvel’s “Ultron”!! 3A did both the Shadow and Ghost versions of Ultron for you to drool at and their part of a collectible figure line of superheroes (and villains) redesigned by Ashley Wood. The figures stand at 13-inches tall, are fully articulated (including the fingers..Whoa!) and plated armor designs. The really dope features are the LED illuminatated eyes, mouth, and chest elements….I think the only thing they don’t do is talk :)! These works of movable art will be made available today (May 6th, 2015) starting at 6PM Pacific time in the Bambaland online shop for $220 apiece and they’re gonna go like hot cakes!!
3A_Marvel_Ultron 3

3A_Marvel_Ultron 4


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