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Oddisee – Belong To The World – (@Oddisee)

Mello Music Group emcee/producer Oddisee just released the latest visuals from his amazing album “The Good Fight”. This video is for his single “Belong To The World”. We like director Zachary Kashkett’s visual interpretation of the the song. This Is HipHop!

Oddisee says: “Belong to the World” is a song about making a transition from feeling like i didn’t fit it to anything, into understanding we belong to everything. It is a song about understanding that the world is bigger than the small things we want to be a part of.

About the video:
Director Zack Kashkett worked to provide a sense of isolation and introspection that often accompanies the physical and metaphorical idea of being inside and alone juxtaposed against spacious shots of Oddisee within the larger world outside. The sense of isolation goes away when the scope gets large enough and the world’s size becomes encompassing not enclosing. This is similar to the sense one gets when they realize they are part of something greater.

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