Onyxcon 7

Onyxcon 7 Is Coming August 13-16th

One of Atlanta’s premier comic consĀ Onyxcon is returning for it’s 7th year in a row August 13th-16! If your in the area you don’t want to miss this!!

“It’s TIME! ASSEMBLE! FOR ONYXCON 7 !!!!!!!!! #ONYXCON_BOSS ! Illustration by Chris Miller + design by Dan Flores! + Art Director – Jw III = #BOSS MOVES ! ART is KING! #ARTLIFE#ONYXCON WE RUN ATL – WE RUN THE SOUTHEAST! WE ARE – ONYXCON FOR EVA! SANKOFA FAMILY! www.onyxcon.com

onyxcon 7 flyer

About Onyxcon:

“ONYXCON Celebrates the Impact, Contributions, and Presence of The African Diaspora in the Popular Arts. Popular Arts meaning comic books/graphic novels, video games/interactive arts, TV/Film, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Action/Adventure, and all related genres.
*For the new comers, WELCOME to the ONYXCON group! For the seasoned vets – same rules apply= KNOW that this is a private group for many reasons. We will not tolerate SPAM, Post that offend our members/affiliates/administrators. Our Admins will/can pull, delete, or adjust ANY post we feel is inappropriate! We are tolerant of cultural topics and post as they apply to the popular Arts and the origin of such in relation to the African Diaspora. This may sometimes apply to discussion of politics and religion, but either should be approached with candor and respect for others opinions/beliefs and sensitivities. No sexually, racially, hyper violent, grusome, or otherwise offensive material, replies, and content is tolerated. Admins reserve the right to review available outside (persaonal timelines) public record of members on fb or otherwise. If one’s outside post or associations stand the chance of bringing poor associations to ONYXCON, you can/will be terminated from the group with/without notice. ENJOY! KEEP IT CLASSY. ‘BRING IT HOME!’ to ONYXCON!”

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