Huck Gee – DAME #11 – (@huckgee)

Super talented designer toy maker Huck Gee really out did himself with the release of his new DAME #11 figure. The name DAME stands for Diesel Armored Mobile Emplacement, Huck Gee describes this piece as a motorized pillbox, we call it awesome! We love everything about this figure it’s an instant classic.
Dame 11, huck gee 2
This amazing set is limited to 10 pieces, DAME #11 is the first of many releases from Huck Gees world of the Dapper Little Scoundrels. The gray DAME stands 11” tall and features a cramped cockpit which the very cool eye-patched pilot (based off a customized The Blank!) can be squeezed into. These bad boy’s will run ya $1800 per set.
Dame 11, huck Gee

dame 11 huck gee

huck gee dame 11

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