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Impeccable Attire, Interface Denim (@iabrands)

Wayne Fortune founder of Impeccable Attire kicked it with Crazy Al Cayne about his brand’s line up of awesome clothing. The main product of the brand is their “Interface Denim” jeans and shorts which are Premium limited edition /50, Handmade selvedge denim. The jeans feature matching front pockets and inside seam detail on reverse cuff. The pockets and side seam feature genuine calf skin leather piping. Impeccable Attire also makes some nice t-shirts, hats, jackets and more. Wayne also talks about what inspiration of the brand is about. Check out the clip!

About The Brand:

Influenced by the arts and street culture, Impeccable Attire is a brand that com-
bines European class with the progressive evolution of city life. This is made possible through two distinct collections, Impeccable Attire and Impeccable Attire DX.

Impeccable Attire introduces luxury through elegant design while Impeccable Attire DX offers a raw perspective on contemporary streetwear.

impeccable attire, crazy al cayne, wayne fortune

Wayne Fortune, impeccable attire

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