King Of MTB, Sugar Cayne Bike Fest

SCBF King/Queen Of MTB, Hampton BMX August 15th

This weekend Saturday the 15th the Sugar Cayne Bike Fest returns to Hampton BMX in Hampton VA! Among the many competitions we’ll be having at the event is the King/Queen Of Mountain Bike(MTB) series.

Basically how it works is this, there are 8 different MTB specific competitions that riders can sign up for:

Bunny Hop
High Jump
Long Jump
Longest Skid
Fastest Gate
3rd Striaght Dash
3rd Straight Style
MTB Race

Riders get points for each competition they compete in. The rider with the most total points out of all the MTB competitions gets named King/Queen Of MTB.

Riders will be competing within their age/gender groups

There will also be a King/Queen of BMX, Cyclocross and Fat-Bike series during the SCBF this Saturday

To Find out more please visit

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Ilyas Nashid

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impeccable attire, denim

Impeccable Attire, Interface Denim (@iabrands)