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John Lee Jam, A Great Event For a Great Guy (171 Photos)

We were able to make it to the Shoreham BMX track yesterday for an awesome fundraising event/Bike Jam for legendary BMX rider John Lee!

It was a who’s who of Long Island BMX Legends and more all together to show support for John Lee and to also celebrate the brotherhood and love of BMX! It was one big LONG Island BMX family reunion and it was amazing!

There were a bunch of fun competitions at the event link, Longest Manual, Side-hack racing, pit bike racing, BMX cruiser race and more. There was also a big raffle and more it was a super fun day had by all.

About the John Lee Jam:

John Lee, also known as the nicest man in BMX, was recently injured in a bicycle accident. Many of you know John as an East Coast Trail riding legend, and one of the key players at the small bicycle company- FBM.
John landed himself in the ER in Cleveland, and soon at a trauma unit for surgery in North Carolina. He is currently with family, recovering from surgeries to repair his eye socket, nasal cavity, broken jaw, and has also knocked out several teeth.
Without medical insurance, the bills will obviously be substantial, however we are asking friends to help out with his travel cost, and expenses incurred while he is unable to work for the next couple of months…
Eating healthy and paying bills with out a job is no easy task, especially while in recovery.

At FBM we will be working on a jam, and other fundraisers. Feel free to participate on any level….

CLICK HERE to donate to John Lee’s crowdfund.

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