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Genesis Science Fiction Magazine Issue 3

Issue #3 of Genesis Science Fiction Magazine has some great content in it. Go get yourself a copy.

Get Genesis Science Fiction Magazine Issue 3
In this exciting new issue we have interviews by Carole McDonnell, Troy CLE, Penelope Flynn, Mishindo Kuumba. There are creative stories by Derrick Ferguson, Barry Nelson and Jeff Carroll. Also, an original comic strip by Tony Kittrell. We included original artwork by Jeremy Reed, John Garrett, Keef Cross, Andrew Kwame Danquah, Quinton Veal, Mishindo Kuumba I, Keef Cross, Jiba Molei Anderson, Marcellus Jackson, and Curtis Hamilton. We even included model photos of Actress Karita and Andromeda Sky!

Go check it out out

About Genesis Science Fiction Magazine:

Once again, we have the great privilege of being the conduit for unapologetic Black expression. Genesis Magazine is unique in this respect. We continue our campaign of highlighting, celebrating, and developing science fiction, speculative fiction, sword and soul, fantasy, horror, movies, and games, in a print magazine as well as an e-mag.

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