flask-drunk_hunt, ink whiskey

Ink Whiskey Entertainment Flask, Nintendo Cartridge Flask

In another throwback video interview from the 2014 New York Comic Con, we came across these guys at a booth all dressed up in Captain America cosplay with a whole bunch of Nintendo (NES) game cartridges. We us to love our Nintendo Entertainment System games we took a closer look at the classic game cartridges but all the names of the games have been changed….Drunk Hunt? Bar Hop Bros.?? Well it turns out that these were not the actual games they were “Entertainment Flask” by Ink Whiskey.

About ink Whiskey:

First off, my name is Matt Cornell, inventor of the Ink Whiskey Entertainment Flask and founder of Ink Whiskey LLC. I’m always inventing new products that I want for myself, and this one in particular was special to me. Its so fun, so nostalgic, and it surprises you twice; once with the parody label and again with being a hidden flask. As someone who was raised on these video games, I absolutely love the whole concept. Everyone who’s come on board the Ink Whiskey team shares that same passion and we’ve had a blast making this project come to life.

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