macca dont make sense

Macca – Don’t Make Sense To Me – (@maccauktakeover)

Uk emcee Macca dropped this fire revolutionary HipHop song that touches on a bunch of world issues subjects. The intro to the song takes an awesome sound bite from the late Tupac Shakur where he talks about how it doesn’t make sense how the super rich waste so much money on material things when there are so many poor people who are struggling in the world.

Every Bar that Macca spit is an on point observation of some of the ills of the world we live in. A song like this is very needed these day…and we need a lot more for sure. We gotta give a big Salute to Macca for this one. THIS IS HIPHOP!

This is just me venting about particular events from 2014, talking about oppression, inequality, discrimination, police brutality, racism etc. This is a very special song to me and A LOT of emotion went in to it… I hope you can relate and you enjoy. ~Macca

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