Vexed Comics Is Back

Charles Dixon, creator & lead writer of Vexed Comics is back on his grind with his brand and we’re super excited to hear about it! At last years new York Comic Con Charles had a nice booth setup for Vexed Comics and it was awesome to see. It’s been 3 years since we last seen Vexed Comic at the New York Comic Con so you know we had to get a new interview with him to an update on what Vexed got going on! Of course you know Charles was promoting his popular “Internal Fury” comic book

About vexed Comics:

Vexed Comics was created in 2006, but before then president/CEO
Charles A. Dixon began creating a whole universe full of very unique
comic book characters in 1990. Our first title “Internal Fury” issue #1
was published in 2003, since then we have produced over eight books plus acquired distribution for both print and digital.

Our books are being sold
in many comic book stores in the United States and overseas internationally. We’ve sold out at book stores, appeared in newspapers and made various television appearances. Our company works intensely
to provide great material for our readers to enjoy and be stimulated by.
Do we embody Internal Fury? Yes we do!
For success in everything we set out to accomplish.

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