Digital Slang cover

Digital Slang, HipHop Comic Book by Leonard Green

We were browsing through one of our favorite websites GhettoManga and got put on to this promising comic book called Digital Slang. This HipHop influenced futuristic comic book is the brain child of Leonard Green. We’re loving the images coming from this comic especially the cover image above so you know we had to share it with you!

About Digital Slang:
After the dismantling of the old power structure, at the hands of a now defunct group of old-time hackers, several rogue intelligence agencies have seized the opportunity to step in and become the new powers-that-be.

These agencies all have differing allegiances but operate under the guise and protection of the Federal side of the government. And although they differ in agenda and ideology, one thing they have in common, and understand, is that they need to gain control of the young population.

Whoever controls the minds of the youth will rise to full power, controlling the future of the world.
There’s more info about this comic on the Digital Slang Kickstarter PageThere are a few NSFW images on the KS page.

But not all the youth are as little lambs, so easily led. Small groups of newly awakened young bucks are aware of this master plan. Many are drafting and devising the blueprint for its overthrow in the shadows of hip hop inspired urban and suburban subcultures.
About Leonard Green:
Leonard Green is a hip hop influenced artist. He is widely known for his urban characters and wide variety of styles that showcase a unique urban lifestyle, high fashion, fly girls and b-boys. He was one of the first to pioneer and spawn the hip hop/urban character silkscreen t-shirt movement of the late 80s early 90s. He has influenced a generation of urban artist with his “visual rap”. His style in a word is “fly”.
Digital Slang cover

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