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The Loyal Subjects, Toy Fair NY 2016 (@LoyalSubjects)

We always look forward to see what cool toys The Loyal Subjects have on display at Toy Fair NY and this year they have some real treats!! The Loyal Subjects Owner and CEO Jonathan Cathey gave us a tour of the booth showing us the cool Mr Potato Head “Mini Series” figures which are really cool. Then we checked out some exclusive, limited edition Transformer sets which were awesome.

The brand makes a bunch of Teen Age Mutant Ninja Turtles sets like the video game inspired set, classic red mask comic book inspired set, Stealth Turtles, Battle Damaged Grey Scale Turtles and the really rare Metallic Turtles!

But our favorite set on display is the G.I. Joe Wave 2 set!! These awesome figures are highly pose-able with all types of articulation, removable helmets, awesome weapon accessories and vehicles! This is definitely the set to have but they’re all awesome!
Check out the video below to find out more and visit to see even more cool stuff!

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