LOrange ignore the man

@LOrangeMusic & Jeremiah Jae – Ignore The Man To Your Right

New HipHop dopeness by producer LOrange as he teams up Jeremiah Jae and Homeboy Sandman to spit some tight bars over one of his musical creations. The song which is just over 2mins is a little teaser off the producers album “The Night Took Us In Like Family” on Mello Music group.

About “Ignore The Man To Your Right”

Deep kick drums, ticking hi-hats, irregular rhythms, and Victrola static all over golden age vocalizations combine to provide the black & white soundscape over which Chicago emcee Jeremiah Jae delivers deadpan lyrics. Stones Throw spitter Homeboy Sandman ties his verbals to the track on the second verse to complete the unsettling song.

Taken by itself L’Orange & Jeremiah Jae’s singles leave listeners adrift in an undefined world of prohibition rap – a artistic Hiphop version of 1930s gangster films. But as fans of L’Orange already know, making sense of the story as each piece of the puzzle unfolds is part of the experience.
LOrange ignore the man

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