Teq63 1-6

Quiccs x Deviltoys Ltd. – TEQ63 1/6 (@quikijiki)

We’re hyped about this new TEQ63 1/6 figure which will be available on March 18th for pre-order!! The latest image of the Quiccs and Deviltoys Ltd figure is a near final figure that comes complete with a big sword, multi weapon called “Balisword”, fully-articulated folding pocket gun and robot dog with 15 articulated points! TEQ63 is a hip character too, he comes with a hoodie, cargo style denim, Bullet Punk shirt, Adidas kicks and a cybernetic left hand. Pretty dope!!

The TEQ63 1/6 figure pre-order starts March 18th 2016 at 7AM PST in the Deviltoys’webshop, now you know!!

The Balisword is our futuristic sword take on the Filipino-designed blade, the “Balisong”, more commonly known as the Butterfly Knife. Our 1/6 version is fully articulated and transformable!
Teq63 Balisword

FPG Custom:
FPG Custom is a folding pocket gun designed to be a concealed flashlight toolbox. Our 1/6 version is fully articulated as well!
Teq63 FPG Custom

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